How to install and use docPrint Pro?

    This article mainly talks about the usage and installation about the software Document Printer v5.0, if you are interested in it, please read this article.

    1. Visit its homepage:

    2. There are six versions of docPrint Pro, please choose the one you need. The prices are different for its usage period and version. Downloading is free, so you can have a try then decide how long you would buy for it.

    3. Click “Download” then you will see a file named “docprint_setup.exe”, save it and let it run in your computer.

    4. A few seconds later, you will see the icon of this software show up on the desktop, double it then you will see the interface of this software.

    The Installation of docPrint Pro has been finished.

    • Usage for docPrint Pro

    If you have decided to buy it, after buying the key will be send to you email box automatically,please input the key in Registration Window then click OK button to end the Registration.

    There are detail steps to finish the conversion.

    Step 1 add file to it:

    Simply dragging the files you want to be converted to blanks of the software interface is ok; you can also click the button “Add file” to choose the folder containing the files you want to be converted then click the file in the folder. If you want to do the batch converting, press “ctrl” on the keyboard then click the files you want to be converted one by one or all of them in a time. Then you will add all the files you to software.

    Step 2 set the limitations for the output file format.

    Click the setting button on the menu bar then you will see that there is new menu label which contains five sub menu labels bouncing to the screen. Here you can set limitations for the output files, such as the output file formats, save mode, PDF security and so on.

    Steps 3 click start button to finish the conversion.

    If you have finish the setting for your output files, then you can click the button “start” to end the conversion. If you do not appoint the folder to save the output files in the setting part, you have to name it and choose a folder to save them in this step. One second later, you will see the newly produced file in the folder you have chosen or appointed.

    Then the conversion has been finished. If you are still confused about how to use this software, please refer to the manual here:

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