How to convert documents of Microsoft Office Word to gif?

Microsoft Office Word document is so popular that it is used by almost everyone who uses computer. Because of easily copied, cut, pasted, the word document seems to be not safe enough. It is not suitable to be designed. So if you convert word to an image file, these problems are not problems.

For example, you can convert word to gif format file. But which software can be used in this conversion is another question. Don’t worry, docPrint Document Converter Professional which is consisted of three applications—GUI application, command line application and virtual printer can help you.

The virtual printer docPrint is designed to allow you to print the document to “docPrint” and enable you to use the printer. If you want to use docPrint to convert word to gif, you should download docPrint Document Converter Professional at first and install it in your computer. You will find the three applications locate in different locations. GUI application and command line application are in installation folder while docPrint can not be seen directly. You should click “Start” at left bottom of the desktop and click “Printers and Faxes” in the menu to open printer. Then you will see docPrint in it. At the same time, the other virtual printer of docPrint Pro—docPrint PDF driver is installed, too.

You can set docPrint as default printer in printer list by right clicking it to choose “Set as default printer” option. Then you will see there is a small check shape above docPrint.

You can convert word to gif now!

1. Open the word document and click “File”—“Print” to open “Print” dialog box showed in Figure1. Then set current printer as “docPrint” in “Name” combo box and click “OK” button. You can also use the hot key “Ctrl”+ “P” on your keyboard to open this dialog box.



If docPrint is the default printer, the “Print” dialog box can be skipped. You can right click the word document and click “Print” to run docPrint directly. You can also click the icon image  in the toolbar in the opened word file to run docPrint.

2. Then you can see “docPrint” dialog box in which you can use following ways to open “Save As” dialog box. Please see Figure2.



You can click “File” and click “Save as” in dropdown list. You can also click the icon image  in the toolbar. The hot key “Ctrl”+ “S” will also a good idea to open “Save As”, which is always used by many people.

3. In “Save As” dialog box, you should complete the following operations. Please see Figure3.



You should specify the path for the target file in “Save in” combo box, name a good name for the target file in “File name” edit box, such as “she”. The most important, you should choose the right output format for the target file in “Save as type” combo box and click “Save” button.

If you still have any problems with docPrint Pro or docPrint, you can visit the website to see the specific introduction of docPrint Pro. You can also read some other articles about docPrint at the blog

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