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When creating a pdf document, you may want to add watermark to the document page, which can identify the document as your own one. But how to add pdf watermark? How much formats do water mark have, after you see the features of VeryPDF Watermark, you will know how much different watermarks you can use in your pdf document.

VeryPDF Watermark is a powerful application which supplies different kinds of basic formats of watermarks. Of course, you can also design pdf watermark yourself by setting different parameters. For example, you can add text, image, graphic, date, etc. watermark and set the location of it. You can rotate the watermark and also can make it transparent.

After reading the following contents, you will see how much you can do to your pdf watermark.

1. Add different kinds of watermark

  • Image watermark, including almost all kinds of image formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, PCX, etc.
  • Text watermark, you can input the text you like as pdf watermark, such as company name, logo, a sentence, whatever.
  • Graphic watermark, you can use some simple graphic as watermark, such as rectangle, ellipse, arc, etc.
  • Date and time watermark, you can use some special date and time as watermark, such as pdf creating date, someone‚Äôs birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.
  • Dynamic date and time watermark, the date and time will automatically change to the current time when you open pdf document.

2. Different watermark location

  • There are nine kinds of basic watermark locations for you to choose when you change the watermark location.
  • You can also input X and Y coordinate of watermark to set its accurate location.
  • You can also make the watermark fit pdf width or height.

3. Various settings to pdf watermark

  • Able to set font, size, style,  color for text watermark.
  • Set text watermark opacity degree from %0-100%.
  • Set watermark as background.
  • Rotate watermark by any degree.
  • Able to set watermark shadow.
  • Set showing format, font, bolder and bolder color for date and time watermark.
  • Able to set height, width, opacity degree and rotation degree for image watermark.
  • Allow to change color, line style, fill color for graphic watermark.

4. Set page range which need to add watermark

  • All pages.
  • From xxx to xxx.
  • Specify page by 1, 2-5, 7-8, 9.
  • Odd pages or even pages.

4. Add link to pdf watermark

  • Link the watermark to some webpage. For example, you can add to VeryPDF watermark.
  • Link the watermark to some page of current pdf document.
  • Link the watermark to some local file of your computer disk.

5. Email the watermarked pdf to others

You can email the watermarked pdf document to others by using the email function of VeryPDF Watermark. You can input Cc, Bcc, Subject, Content, etc. in your mail and then choose a outgoing SMTP Server. After that, you need to input your authentication user name and password. At last, you are able to email this document to others.

6. Encrypt pdf document

You can set open or owner password for input or watermarked pdf document. You are also able to set different kinds of permissions for the document, which can protect your document better.

These are all main features of VeryPDF Watermark. If they are still not able to meet your requirements, please leave your messages to write down your desires and we will carefully think about them. If your gold ideas are adopted in this program, you will be able to use it free of charge. Are you interested in it? Please start to beat your brain now!

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