How to insert a picture to a specific x,y location in PDF

Sometime we need to combine images to one PDF  or insert image to some exsited PDF. However, even if insert image exsited PDF, there are many different situation. In this article. VeryPDF will show you how to insert a picture to a specific X,Y location in a PDF document.

It is known to all the PDF document is not editble. If we need to insert image to word document in a specified location, it is very esay. But if we need to insert image to PDF, we need to use  some third party software. And this is not a big deal, so a cheap and easy tool is desired solution. VeryPDF PDF Text Replacer has such function. By this tool, you can insert image to any location of PDF and you can insert images as many as you need. In the following part, I will show you how to use it.

Step 1. Download and Install

  • Download VeryPDF PDF Text Replacer, which has user friendly software interface, so you need to install it following installation message.
  • After downloading, there will be an exe file. Simply double click it then you can install it.
  • If the installtion is successful, there will be an icon on the desktop.
  • Simply double click the icon on the desktop then you can launch this software.

Step 2. Insert image to PDF

  • Please launch this software and add PDF to the software. For illustrating this matter clearly, I snapshoted the operation process. Please check details in the following snapshot.

software interface of PDF Text Replacer

  • You can add PDF file by dragging or clicking button Add. If adding is successful, the progress status will tell that loading finished.  Meanwhile, if the inserting is successful, here more detail log information will be shown.
  • After adding files successfully, please go to According to Position tab. On the right menu option, there is button Setting. Please click Setting, then you will see the PDF preview Window which looks like the following snapshot.

Setting menu of PDF Text Replacer

  • If the text in PDF is searchable, the edit text box will around them. Then you can replace them casually. And the X, Y location of the text will be showed clearly.
  • When we need to insert image to PDF file according to the X,Y location, you can simply draw an area in any place of the PDF file.
  • Then choose the second option, Replace with Image. The x and Y location will be shown. In the Reaplce With column, click button Open Picture With to browse the image files which you need to insert to this PDF file.
  • Here you can specify the height and width of the inserted image.
  • The inserted image number is not limited, you can add as many as you need.
  • After setting, please clcik button Save to back to the main interface.
  • Click button Replace to run the process, then the conversion will begin at once.

By the above method, you can insert images to PDF file according to the specified X, Y location. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us by the ways supported on our contact us website.

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