PDF Print command line utility – bins/trays support required

We purchased recent the command line utility from you.  I evaluated the command utility on test environment with no product key and it worked fine, no issues.  However, after I applied the key on production environment, the utility is not recognizing the chgbin command line input.  We tried various options and spend lot of hours during this production rollout using this utility and unable to make the chgbin to work seamlessly.

I am wondering whether you can provide me any support or point me to the right direction on this production issues?

Here is the command line we have been using and trying to make the bin selection work:

pdfprint.exe -chgbin 270 –scalex 0 –scaley 0 -printer "HP LaserJet 9050 PCL 5"  \\SERVER\NETWORKPATH\TEST.PDF
pdfprintexe –listbins –printer "HP LaserJet 9050 PCL 5"

Available bins/trays in "HP LaserJet 9050 PCL 5" printer:
15:  Automatically Select
273:  Printer Auto Select
272:  Manual Feed in Tray 1
271:  Tray 1
270:  Tray 2
269:  Tray 3
268:  Tray 4
267:  Tray 5
Please add “-debug” parameter to try again, “-debug” parameter will print more information on screen, so you can find out where is wrong quickly, for example,

pdfprint.exe -debug -chgbin 270 -scalex 0 -scaley 0 -printer "HP LaserJet 9050 PCL 5"  \\SERVER\NETWORKPATH\TEST.PDF

if you still can’t get it work, please email to us the debug log message, then we will figure out a solution to you shortly.

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