How to merge more PDF print jobs into one print job?

I notice you have an option to -mergeprintjobs. How does this work actually?

Currently I'm doing the following...

pdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file0.pdf
pdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file1.pdf
pdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file2.pdf
pdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file3.pdf

This is 4 print jobs, right?

How do I use -mergeprintjobs to make 1 print job?


Thanks for your message, yes, you can use -mergeprintjobs option to merge more print jobs into one single print job,

-mergeprintjobs : combine all print jobs into one print job

You can run following command lines to merge more print jobs into one print job,

pdfprint.exe -mergeprintjobs -copies 3 C:\input.pdf
pdfprint.exe -mergeprintjobs C:\*.pdf
pdfprint.exe -mergeprintjobs C:\test*.pdf
pdfprint.exe -mergeprintjobs C:\files.txt


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