Print splines in pdf documents using a command line

Batch printing pdf documents always needs an application that supports running under MS-DOS mode which is appropriate for batch script calling. VeryPDF PDFPrint is the program that supports to print pdf documents in a command line. This software can set almost all of the options of a physical printer. For some old printers, it is not supported to print those complex vector patterns, such as splines, in a pdf document. VeryPDF PDFPrint is able to convert the pdf pages to images before printing them, which will resolve the problem of printing complex vector patterns using old printers.

This url is for downloading VeryPDF PDFPrint, The program is packed in a zip package with other resources, and you have to unpack the pack into any chosen directory in your computer. The author uses the directory of “D:\pdfprint_cmd” for easy describing in this article. In the directory where you unpack the package, you will find an executable program named “pdfprint.exe” that is for running in MS-DOS mode.

Before running the program in command lines, you need to start your Microsoft DOS command prompt in your system. Follow the menu path and operations will open the MS-DOS command prompt window. [start] –> [Run…], input “cmd” or “cmd.exe” into the input box of the popup dialog of “Run” and press “OK”. Then the MS-DOS command prompt window will come out.

The default current path of the MS-DOS command prompt is “C:\Documents and Settings\user”, in which the “user” stands for your logon name of the system. In the current path, you have to call the program with specifying the full path of PDFPrint, for which the command line is that as follow.

D:\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe D:\pdfprint_cmd\readme.pdf <Enter>,

this command line calls the program of “pdfprint.exe” in “D:\pdfprint_cmd\” and prints the pdf document of “readme.pdf” stored in “D:\pdfprint_cmd\”. For easy using, you can change the current directory of the MS-DOS command prompt to the one that the program of PDFPrint is unpacked into. The following commands will change the current directory from “C:\Documents and Settings\admin” to “D:\pdfprint_cmd” for this article.

D: <Enter>
cd pdfprint_cmd <Enter>

After changing the current directory of MS-DOS command prompt, the program of “pdfprint.exe” is able to be called directly with its name without its long full path. The following screen snapshot shows that the current directory is now changed into “D:\pdfprint_cmd”.


Now you can call the program with its name without long full path in a command line. A simple usage of PDFPrint is printing a pdf document with the system default printer and settings using the command line like the following one,

pdfprint readme.pdf <Enter>.

There are many options for setting the printing and “-raster” is one of them. Option “-raster” is for converting the pdf pages into images before printing them for avoiding compatibility problems of printing complex vector patterns with old printers. The usage of the option is demoed in the next command line.

pdfprint –raster readme.pdf <Enter>,

where the option “-raster” will enable the function of converting the pdf pages before sending them into the printing spool. This option is useful for avoiding encountering problems in printing unsupported patterns using old printers.

There are more articles for describing the usages of VeryPDF PDFPrint at The user manual of PDFPrint is provided at If you want to use the official version of PDFPrint without any limitation, please buy a license for your software at

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