Attach a file to a pdf using Advanced PDF Tools Command Line

You may like to sort your pdf files by categories, it is a good habit. If you have some cherished pictures and texts or other kinds of files which are closely related to your favorable pdf files, what you should do, just put them together in a new folder? It is not so bad, but they are easily missing because of your careless operation. Why not make an pdf attachment, that’s to say, how to edit pdf  to change them into an pdf attachment, by doing so they will stick together and  won’t be separated,  this article is going to show you how to attach a file to a pdf by using Advanced PDF Tools Command Line.

Follow this link you will obtain this useful tool In order to execute this function, you need to launch the MS-DOS command prompt window first, step as follows:

[start] –> [Run], and input “cmd”, the posts a series of screenshots to assist you.





Now, you are bound to input pdftools into the above box

So you can get


Here you can type command line to edit pdf according your needs

Attach various files to PDF files:

1) pdftools -S "attachfiles=C:\1.txt|C:\2.jpg|C:\3.pdf" -i C:\in.pdf -o C:\out.pdf
2) pdftools -S "attachfiles=C:\*.*" -i C:\in.pdf -o C:\out.pdf
3) pdftools -S "attachfiles=C:\filelist.lst" -i C:\in.pdf -o C:\out.pdf
4) pdftools -S collection=true -S "attachfiles=C:\filelist.lst" -i C:\in.pdf –o C:\out.pdf

Where shows 4 ways to attach files, to make thing more clear, take 1) as an example

The attaches two files, one is


The other is


After clicking enter, you will see


Now, time for checking, open the newly produced file test222.pdf


You could clearly see the newly opened test222.pdf with the two files attached, which proves this function works quite well and editing pdf files have succeeded. By using Advanced PDF Tools Command Line, you can easily and quickly make  pdf attachment. If you are interested, you can type others command lines to attach more files to your existing pdf files to edit them via Advanced PDF Tools command line.

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