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VeryPDF HTML to Any Converter command line application (CLI),  a very powerful HTML converter, can help you convert HTML to PDF; HTML to image formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PCX, BMP, WMF, EMF, PS, EPS and GIF); HTML other formats including DOC, RTF, TXT, XLS, and CSV. It can run under Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems, and can be called via computer programming languages including C/C++/C#, VB, VC, Delphi, Java, etc.

It supports various output settings, enabling you to create accurate and high-quality output files from HTML. The following shows some key features of this application:

Encrypt result PDF: set PDF open passwords and master passwords, set permissions denying printing, coping, merging, editing, etc. You can also use it to set a proper encryption level to well protect the output PDF. You can also set PDF properties including keywords, author, title, subject, and creator when convert HTML to PDF files.

Change the PDF background. When convert HTML to PDF, you can specify an image and use it as the background of the output PDF files. This can help you create vivid and attractive PDF files, especially when you want to give a representation.

Add watermarks: Add watermark anywhere on each page of output files. You can define the color, content, font style, font size, etc. for the watermarks. This is useful when you want to protect your PDF or images from coping, and when you want to add your company logo on the pages.

Crop margins: if the margins are too wide, you can set the top, down, right and left margins for the result files. You can use it to turn large pages into smaller size without damaging the contents. If you like to read books on our mobile phone, iPad, or any portable devices, you will find that this tool is really helpful.

Support protected web pages: If you visit web pages a lot, you may find that on some web pages, contents are not searchable. That’s because such web pages are protected. If you have an HTTP Authentication password, you can use our product to convert such a webpage into PDF, images, DOC, TXT.

Retain/ delete images/links: the links, images can be deleted or retain from HTML to output files. Some translators will like this function to delete or retain images, because it’s useful when the source websites they need to translate contain some images with text over them. If users want to retain the links of the original websites, the function to remain links will be helpful.

Merge output files: VeryPDF HTML to Any Converter supports batch conversion. In case you want to merge the output files into a single file, our products provides an option to merge the result files. Certainly, you can use it create multi-page TIFF, GIF and PDF. When you merge the result PDF files, you can select any pages out from different files and combine them together. You can also cross merge PDF files.

Set color depth and resolution: you can choose to retain the original true color, or to create grey or black-and-white files for the sake of saving ink. You can a set resolution in units including

Save disk space: there are various ways to save your disk space: set color depth, resolution, compress images, and change page size. You can save your disk space by setting color depth to be grey scale or monochrome, compressing the result image files, or changing the page size to be smaller. When you print, you can also use such methods to save ink and paper.

Set page range and orientation for PDF: You can select different pages, page ranges from different result PDF files. This can help you rearrange the page order, orientate the selected pages, split PDF, remove pages. You can also set different orientation for different pages from the same PDF file. In addition, you can also specified odd or even pages.

Interested in VeryPDF HTML to Any Converter? Please pay attention to the following website: or contact our support group by sending Email to

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