VeryPDF PDF to Black/White

The application VeryPDF PDF to Black/White is able to convert the scan pdf document to Black/White image or grayscale image in a short time. With this function, you can freely convert the scan pdf to image format of monochrome or grayscale. At the same time, PDF to Black/White is also able to set different parameters for the converted monochrome or grayscale image.

To this developing application, you can evaluate its functions via the contents below. You can also try it when it is released. If you are interested in the program after you read this article and want to realize some kind of special functions besides the ones shown below, you can leave your messages to say the detailed about the hoped functions. Or you can contact our support team to describe your requirements.

The main features of VeryPDF PDF to Black/White are as follows:

1. Support batch conversion

If you have one scan pdf to be converted to monochrome image, you just need to open the file picker window to choose the scan pdf document in the popup window. But if you want to convert scan pdf to monochrome image in batches, PDF to Black/White will help you do this perfectly because it allows you to open a whole file folder and then add all the files in this folder into the application, which can save your much precious time.

2. Easy to use

When you open VeryPDF PDF to Black/White, a user-friendly interface will come out on your screen and you can easily see all the buttons and know what they are used for. When you want to make settings to monochrome or grayscale image, you just need to click one button and then a new dialog box which contains all the setting options for the target file will pop up. Then you can set different parameters freely.

3. Three output image formats

When setting parameters for target file, you can choose three kinds of output image format: Threshold, Grayscale and Ordered. When you choose different target format, you can see the output result example in the showing window clearly. If you choose Threshold as the output format, you can set the threshold value for the image from 0 to 255. Also, the result will be shown in showing window as the value changed.

4. Compress file size by ignoring some pages

If the converted image contains the page which holds much black or white area, which means that you may not be able to see the image clearly, you can choose to ignore it by setting parameter. You can use the function that Ignore the page if black/white area surpasses xxx%. The value xxx is the rate that set by yourself.

5. Specify the page range

If the input scan pdf is a multi-page one, you can choose which page you are going to convert by specifying the page range like the following ones: “2”, “5-8” or the combination “2 6-9 5 10-15”, which make the conversion from scan pdf to image more flexible.

After seeing these functions, have you been obsessed to VeryPDF PDF to Black/White? If the current functions cannot meet all your needs, please tell us by contacting our support team and we will think about your advices carefully. If your opinions become one part of this application, you will be able to use it free of charge.

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