How to extract PDF Table?

If you want to extract table from PDF, you can try VeryPDF PDF Table Extractor. With the help of this application, you don’t need to copy tables from PDF and then paste them onto Excel files. Just a couple of clicks, you can quickly and accurately extract PDF tables and turn the tables on PDF into XLS.

>>Support Windows and Macimage image

VeryPDF PDF Table Extractor can run well under all operating systems of Windows and Safari. As a stand-alone  application,

it does not require Adobe or Office products on your computers.
>>Try it free

The beta test of VeryPDF PDF Table Extractor is now nearing completion. If you want to use the FREE TRIAL VERSION, please contact the VeryPDF’s support group by sending emails to  The support group will send the evaluation version to you as soon as possible.

>>Introduce the interface

The following is the main interface of PDF Table Extractor. As you can see in the following illustration, it is composed of four parts:

 VeryPDF PDF Table Extractor 

  • Toolbar

The toolbar contains multiple bottoms which can be used to:

      1. Input PDF—Clicking the Open buttonimage , you can input a PDF file.
      2. Zoom and turn pages—You can use image to zoom in and zoom out pages; use image to turn pages backward and forward.
      3. View page number—You can view the total page number and the current page in the spin box image.  In addition, you can enter a number in the edit box or click the arrows to change go to the page you want to extract table from.
      4. Draw table and lines—You can use image  to draw a table and some vertical lines and delete them. The table and lines you drew together become a rule. You can also apply this rule to all the pages of an input PDF by clicking Apply to All when each page has a similar table in the same position. 
      5. Export Excel file—you can click the Save button image to save the output as CSV or XLS format.
      6. Register—If you want to buy this tool or if you have a registration code, please click image to buy/ register the software.
  • Navigation pane

The thumbnails on the navigation pane can help  you quickly find the page you want to extract PDF table from. You can change the navigation pane size by dragging the right border of the pane.

  • PDF list box

There are two list boxes. You can preview the input PDF  and extract table from PDF page(s) in the upper list box.

  • Excel list box 

The output Excel content is shown in the down list box.  You can change the the box sizes by dragging the border between the two list boxes. You can view the comparison between the two list box.

>>How to use?

1. Run VeryPDF PDF Table Extractor

You can double click the shortcut on the desktop to open this product, or you can launch it from the Start menu by clicking Start—> All Programs—> VeryPDF PDF Table Extractor—> VeryPDF PDF Table Extractor. The main interface of this tool will appear on your computer screen.Then, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Input PDF

Please click the Open button to open the  Add File dialog box, –> select a PDF file, –> and click Open to input PDF. Then you can view the thumbnails on the navigation pane, the current page number and total page number at the top of the interface.

3. Draw a table and vertical lines

You can do as follows to extract table from PDF:

  • Click the rectangle icon image on the toolbar.
  • Draw a table over the original PDF table which you want to extract.
  • Click the line icon image on the toolbar.
  • Move the mouse cursor between two columns of the table you have drawn,   press the mouse button down and drag downward from the upper border.  

extract table from pdf

Then you can view the content of the result Excel in the down list box as follows:

pdf to xls

4. Save as Excel

Click the Save button to open the Save File dialog box, and select a folder to export the result file into. You can save the output file as a CSV file or XLS file.

This is how you can use VeryPDF PDF Table Extractor to convert PDF to XLS, or extract PDF table. If you want to find more PDF tools such as PDF Text Replacer, PDF Cropper, PDF to Any Converter, you can visit the homepage of VeryPDF at If you want to find some free online PDF tools such as online PDF viewer and flipbook creator, you can visit the following website:

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