How to convert multiple image to slideshow

Want to know how to convert multiple files of image to slideshow on both Windows platforms and Mac OS X freely? Please do not hesitate to use VeryPDF Slideshow to fulfill it instantly and flexibly. 🙂

VeryPDF Slideshow is an online application which allows users to generate multiple image files to one slideshow in various display modes, including 3D, etc., thus, generated slideshows can be shared with your friends and any visitors of your accounts, etc. flexibly. So, right now, why not just follow me to know more info about how to use this online tool to realize your slideshow production? Cause it really contain so much fun! 😛

Step1. Add multiple image files

Please visit its homepage so that you can get smart online tool directly, where you can get 2 ways to add source image files:

  • Click Add Photos > select supported image files in pop dialog box > click Open directly
  • Drag and drop supported image files(JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF) into white blank panel

No matter which way you use, all selected image files could be added little by little as below:

Online interface of after adding multiple image to convert to slideshow

Step2. Optionally customize slideshow in advance

After adding, just click Next on toolbar, and then, program takes you onto Customize panel for slideshow properties. So, slideshow could be customized in various attributes in advance:

1. First, please select one of display mode for slideshow under Normal, 3D Wall or 3D Vertical, through one click on separate template, after you click black arrow button beside pattern thumbnails, and to make you understand more, the following snapshots help you with more details on different patterns:

Normal patterns for slideshow during converting image to slideshow
Fig. Some patterns for normal slideshows

3D Wall patterns for slideshow during converting image to slideshow
Fig. Some of patterns for 3D Wall slideshows

3D Vertical patterns for slideshow during converting image to slideshow
Fig. Some of patterns for 3D Vertical slideshows

2. Then, the following operations for specific slideshows could be fulfilled through followings:

  • To set slideshow size - width and height, type integers in edit-boxes under directly > click Apply
  • To set slideshow background transparency, just click check-box under Other
  • To edit slideshow background music, just click Sound bar > select one default music after clicking radio Choose or upload your own music through one click on radio Upload, etc.
  • To edit slideshow background, just click radios separately under Background, e.g., Solid colors or Patterns, etc. > select proper mode under Solid colors, Patterns, Textures and Upload image 🙂

Finally, to enable operations in 2, please click Apply button - image inside Album so that all settings could work as you wish! 🙂

Here are related snapshots for each operation mentioned above under 2 Customize:

set slideshow size-width and height during converting image to slideshow set slideshow transparency during converting image to slideshow set slideshow music during converting image to slideshow set slideshow background during converting image to slideshow

And then, in Preview & Setting panel, you will get what you want exactly. For instance, if you select pattern in Normal as shown in 1st snapshot below, your slideshow could be previewed as shown in 2nd snapshot below:

Source normal pattern when converting image to slideshow ----->>>>Specific pattern slideshow preview after converting image to slideshow

Step3. Finish slideshow production and optionally publish slideshow online

After you click Publish on toolbar, you can obtain complete slideshow with all of your settings in steps above. And then, slideshow name, could be edited through one click at Edit name > type filename in edit-box > click OK, and also, you can publish it on Google+, Twitter, etc. which could be found under thumbnail. And of course, for welcomed sharing ways, you can select copy URL to share, or embed source code of this slideshow to anywhere you want. 🙂

Is it interesting to you about my illustration about how to use this online tool to convert multiple image to slideshow freely? Anyway, I have an obligation to tell you, that, VeryPDF Slideshow supports various web browsers and platforms, so, right now, why not just have a try to explore more fun during converting image files to slideshows for yourself and for your friends freely? 🙂 For any problems, please inform us through or comments you could leave here. 🙂

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