Wrong page breaking in PCL to PDF converter

I test drove your PCL to PDF converter. The tags were correctly read it seems, but the page breaking was not correct. Each page has a page number at the top, and the converted file did not have these correctly. What scope do we have of tuning the conversion process?

Please find attached, a sample .pcl file, which I have converted using the trial version of your desktop PCL to PDF converter. This is a 3 page document that prints as 3 pages. However, the converted PDF has 6 pages, with each page running onto the next, doubling the count. Please review and let us know what the fix is.

This is original PCL Contents, three pages,


This is converted PDF file, as you see, the PDF file is contain 6 pages,



This is because unmatched paper size between PCL and PDF files, you can choose A3 paper to convert your PCL file to PDF file, the A3 paper is bigger than A4 and Letter, it can show more page contents, the A3 paper will solve your problem, for example,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VeryPDF PCL Converter v2.6\pcltool.exe" -pclcmd "\"-J@PJL SET PAPER=A3\"" D:\downloads\Sample.pcl D:\downloads\Sample.pcl.pdf

The following is the converted PDF file by A3 paper size, you will get a PDF file with three pages properly,



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