Compare HTML to PDF Conversion speed by html2any and docPrint Pro software


I'm using html2any command prompt on one project to produce pdfs of webpages. I needed headers for another project and you told me to use docPrint command prompt.

So, I am using html2any for one project and docPrint on another. One question, why does it take so long for docPrint to create a document. It seems like it takes 30 seconds while the html2any is instantaneous. I would like to use html2any for both but I can't figure out how to get headers on them.


Thanks for your message.

html2any does use WebKit engine to render HTML page to PDF file, it is not depend on virtual PDF Printer.

docPrint Pro does use Microsoft Internet Explorer engine to print HTML page to Windows virtual Postscript Printer to create a Postscript file first, and then convert from Postscript file to PDF file again, so its speed is slower than html2any application.

If the conversion speed is important to you, we suggest you may choose html2any application.


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HTML to Any Converter Command Line web page,

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