How to set double sided PDF printing from docPrint Service Application?


We have printers which are set to double sided printing as their default.

However, when we print via this command;

d:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any_service\docprint_client.exe wait d:\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -printer printername -printermargins -paper 9 -xoffset 100 -yoffset -4

…it prints off as single sided prints.

Just in the interests of saving paper, is there a parameter I can add into our command line which will prompt double sided printing?

We suggest you may by following steps to adjust margins, duplex, paper size, staple, fold, etc. options,

1. Please run following command line to prompt the user Printer Dialog and save the printer settings to a disk file,

pdfprint.exe -savedevmode D:\printer.dat -printer "Your Printer Name"

2. In the Printer Dialog, you can set following options, such as,

  • set "Duplex" option to "Top-Top" or others;
  • set default paper tray to "Tray 3" or others;
  • set the paper size to "11x17" or others;
  • set other options that you want;
  • set staple to "on" or others,
  • set fold or staple option,
  • set double sided printing option,

click "OK" to close Printer Dialog, you will get a D:\printer.dat file,

3. Please run following command line to load the devmode from disk file and set it to printer,

pdfprint.exe -loaddevmode D:\printer.dat -printer "Your Printer Name" D:\input.pdf

4. OK, you will able to print your PDF file with correct options.

5. You can deliver following command line to docprint_client.exe application,

d:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any_service\docprint_client.exe wait d:\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXX -printer printername -printermargins -paper 9 -xoffset 100 -yoffset -4 -loaddevmode D:\printer.dat D:\test.pdf

We hoping above solution will helpful to you, please to try.


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