How to run multiple instances of pcltool.exe to convert more PCL files to PDF files at same time?

We have a client using VeryPDF. They were running into a port conflict with another application that also uses port #61111.

We have modified the command that launches PCLTOOL to use the -port option. Our command is:

pcltool.exe -$ xxxxxxxxxxx -port 62345 -templateatbottom -template overlay.pdf input.pcl output.pdf


However, when we run this command we still get:

[Port: 61111] There has one instance is converting.....

I have also attempted the following as a means of recreating the problem:

From a separate command prompt I launch the PCLTOOL help function by issuing the command "pcltool", and allowing the program to sit at the "press any key to continue prompt".

In a separate window I then enter the command from above, referencing port 62345. This command hangs with the 61111 message indicating that the conversion is taking place.

If I close the help in the first command window, then the second command window proceeds. But presumably it is using port 61111 and not 62345.

Finally, I tried the same test, but issuing the command "pcltool -port 62345" in the first command window to launch the help.

When I attempted to enter the conversion command in the second command window I still received the error regarding port 61111.

So, either the -port option does not work, or there's something about the -port command that I do not understand and have not implemented properly.

Are you able to provide any insight into the problem?

Thanks for your message, we have solved this problem for you, please download a new version of PCL Converter from our website to try again.

The new version does support multiple instances, it can convert more PCL files to PDF files at same time, this will improve the conversion speed a lot.


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