Royalty Free VeryPDF AutoCAD File Formats SDK for Developers: Empower Your Applications with Comprehensive CAD Support

In today's dynamic architecture, engineering, and construction landscape, the demand for accurate, reliable, and efficient CAD and BIM support within applications is paramount. Enter VeryPDF's CAD SDK, a powerful solution designed to seamlessly integrate CAD and BIM functionalities into your software, providing an exceptional experience for both developers and end-users.


High-Level Capabilities: A Glimpse of CAD Integration

Imagine the possibilities of integrating CAD capabilities into your application without the need for CAD licenses or software. VeryPDF's CAD SDK makes this a reality by offering robust support for a range of CAD and BIM formats, including Autodesk AutoCAD DWG, DXF, RVT, DWF, and Bentley MicroStation DGN. This eliminates the requirement for users to possess CAD software, granting them the power to engage with these formats effortlessly.

Versatile Platform Integration

Whether you're working on web, server, desktop, Windows, Mac, or Linux applications, VeryPDF's CAD SDK seamlessly integrates across these platforms. A unified API ensures consistent performance, enabling developers to leverage a single codebase for various frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, and more.

Tailored User Experience

Enhance adoption rates and productivity by streamlining the user interface. The open-source UI can be customized to align with your preferred aesthetics, allowing you to omit unnecessary features or incorporate custom annotations that trigger specific workflows.

Key Features: Unleashing the Potential

  • View CAD Files: Effortlessly visualize complex CAD and BIM files, as well as over 20 other file types, across all platforms and devices. Seamlessly toggle layers within a drawing for a refined viewing experience.

  • Convert from CAD: Enable direct, high-fidelity conversion from CAD files, including 3D models, on any platform. Convert to various formats, such as PDF, PDF/A, PDF/E-2, and image file types, with ease.
  • Preview CAD Files: Instantly generate concise previews and thumbnails of CAD drawings, designs, or blueprints, ensuring efficient communication.
  • Markup & Annotate: Empower users with the ability to add or remove diverse PDF markups, from stamps and watermarks to call-out comments and signatures. Customize annotation appearances to align with your brand.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Facilitate collaborative workflows by displaying real-time markups from multiple users on a single document. Retain the original version of the drawing and manage annotations separately.
  • Measuring Tools: Equip users with precision measuring tools for distance, perimeter tracing, and area calculation. Ensure accuracy through snap-to-point functionality and adjustable measurement scales.
  • Compare Files: Simplify the identification of visual differences through version comparison. Display documents side by side or overlay versions to highlight changes.
  • Print: Generate high-quality vector printouts, with the option to rasterize specific regions or layers. Streamline printing by bundling files into a PDF portfolio.
  • Search: Enhance document navigation by adding bookmarks, notes, and highlights. Perform advanced searches by extracting text and annotations.
  • Edit, Manipulate & Assemble: Provide users with tools to stamp documents with images, text, or dates. Enable splitting, merging, rotating, cropping, and reordering pages programmatically or through user interaction.
  • PDF Layers: Preserve CAD and BIM layers as Optional Content Groups (OCGs) when converting to PDF. Grant users the ability to toggle layer visibility within a viewer.

Expand Your Application's Horizons

With VeryPDF's AutoCAD File Formats SDK, you gain access to a comprehensive PDF SDK that accelerates your time-to-market. Supporting major platforms, over 30 file formats, and a multitude of unique features, this SDK empowers your software to deliver exceptional CAD and BIM functionalities to users worldwide.

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