"auto-detect direction" function in PDF OCR Compressor

I've been trying the free trial version of your PDF OCR Compressor to assess whether it would be a fit for our needs. I have a question before I can decide whether to purchase. We have several types of documents that are formatted as landscape and are therefore scanned vertically. The trial version is unable to ocr this type of document. Does the pay version have the ability to ocr such a document?
Sorry, the paid version can't support vertical scanned image format too, you
need rotate these images to normal direction by manual before you pass it to
our product.

Also, we are planning add a "auto-detect direction" function into PDF OCR Compressor product in the future.

Please explain what the "auto-detect direction" would do. Would the
"auto-detect direction" function rotate the page to the correct orientation
and allow the ocr and compression to complete successfully? If so, I would
like a quote for this. Thank you.
Yes, you are right, "auto-detect direction" function will detect the page orientation and rotate it to correct orientation automatically, this will allow the ocr and compression to complete successfully.

For example,

this is the original TIFF image with wrong orientation,

"auto-detect direction" function will correct the orientation automatically, we will get the following image before the further process,

Then OCR and processing can be done continue.

Please notice, "auto-detect direction" function maybe work 100% correctly, if your original image contain too much speckles, it may not detect the page orientation correctly, please notice this matter. From our experience, the "auto-detect direction" function can correct orientation for 90% clean images properly.

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