How can I create high quality EMF from Excel document?

EMF, the abbreviation of Enhanced MetaFile, is a graphic file format on Microsoft Widows systems. The EMF format is the 32-bit version of the original Windows metafile(WMF) format. The EMF format was created to solve the deficiencies of the WMF format in printing graphics from sophisticated graphics programs. In a network, the smaller file size of the EMF format reduces network traffic.

VeryPDF docPrint, as a Windows printer driver and document converter, can help you create high quality EMF from Excel document. You can follow the following steps:

First of all, open the document you want to convert from Excel to EMF in Microsoft Office.

Secondly, press Ctrl+P  to open the Print dialog box; > choose docPrint  in the Name combo box; > click OK to open the docPrint dialog box.


When you view the source document you want to convert from Excel to EMF in the docPrint dialog box as illustrated below, it means you have input the Excel document in VeryPDF docPrint. You can repeat the first two steps to add all the Excel documents you want to convert from Excel to EMF to VeryPDF docPrint one by one.

image \

Thirdly, open the Save As dialog box, where you can specify EMF as the output format. You should either click the icon clip_image001  in the docPrint dialog box,


or click File in the docPrint dialog box>choose Save As on the drop down menu to open the Save As dialog box.



Fourthly, select EMF File (*.emf) as the Save as type, and type the original name for outputting files. When the computer generates EMF from Excel, it name the EMF files base on the original name. For instance, if you type “EMF ” in the File name edit box, then, the names of the outputting files will be “EMF 0001”, “EMF 0002”, “EMF 0003”, etc.


Fifthly, you can select a directory to store the outputting files in the Save in combo box and list box.


The last step is to click Save in the docPrint dialog box to save the files converted from Excel to EMF.

With these eight steps, you can easily and quickly create high quality EMF from Excel document in your computer. In order to download VeryPDF docPrint and other VeryPDF documents, you can visit the following website . You are also welcome to share your good ideas on how to create EMF from Excel and other documents at .

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