Convert emf to pdf from windows service

Hi Support,

We use your product emf2pdf.exe, to convert wmf files to pdf. We
implemented this as a command line being called in a windows service. This
works perfectly fine on windows server 2003. We have now however changed to
windows server 2008, and now the command line will not do the conversion,
we just get "trial has expired" message no matter what. The server is also
64 bit, where the old was 32 bit.

If we however run it in a windows form application it converts with no
problem, and with no mention of trial expiring.

We tried setting the windows service to run as the same user as we logged
in with, so it was the same as the application. That makes no change, we
only get "trial has expired".

We suspect that there is some kind of permission that cannot be obtained,
since it returns trial has expired. Maybe some registry.

This is tested with the latest version of emf2pdf.exe.

Hope you may have experienced something similar before. Atleast I hope you
maybe can tell us why we get the message "trial has expired", as that could
maybe lead us in the right direction.

Thanks in Advance.

Best regards
Thanks for your message, please use your license key to register emf2pdf.exe application, the "trial has expired" message will be removed properly. You can pass your license key and other parameters to emf2pdf.exe application together, for example,

emf2pdf.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXX test.wmf out.pdf


We found out that to register emf2pdf.exe correctly to work in a windows
service, you need to run the command prompt as Administrator, through the
command "Run as Administrator", when opening the command prompt.

After doing that, it now works both in windows service and windows

So this is now solved. Thanks.


Thanks for your great information.


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