PDF to wmf conversion

I may have an application that require converting single and / or batches of pdf files to wmf images.  Basic specs are as follows.

Retain file name
Retain image size and resolution
Convert all files in a folder or by file name
Operate from the command line
No dialog or interface when running from the command line

Is this standard functionality or would customization be required?
Our PDF to Vector Converter product has this function, please download PDF to Vector Converter from following web page to try,


you can run following command line to convert your PDF file to WMF file,

pdf2vec.exe C:\test.pdf C:\out.wmf

you can also run following command line to batch convert all of your PDF files in D:\test folder and sub-folders to WMF files at one time,

for /r D:\test %F in (*.pdf) do "C:\pdf2vec.exe" "%F" "%~dpnF.wmf"

above command line can retain the filename during conversion.


Thank you I will test that.  Do you have a solution that could convert as the pdf is being generated or print to a wmf file in place of a printer?
Yes, our Mini EMF Printer Driver has this function, after you installed Mini EMF Printer Driver into your system, you can print your documents to Mini EMF Printer Driver, then you will get EMF/WMF files automatically,


I may have found some software.  I have no idea who I've been emailing but judging by the time stamps on the responses I've been getting, I think they are on the other side of the world, literally.  Brian can you please down load the software reference in the emails below and install them on vsiimos.  Test the functionality as described.  If it works and you guys are ok with the software then I'll try to tie it into the system.

Let me know what you guys think on this.....


1 - Can we prevent the dialog box from showing up?
2 - Can we give it a naming convention ending in OurNumberHere.WMF (see attached i.e. top left hand corner 15071138)


>>1 - Can we prevent the dialog box from showing up?

Yes, after you purchased the PDF to WMF Converter, this dialog box will be removed automatically.

>>2 - Can we give it a naming convention ending in OurNumberHere.WMF (see attached i.e. top left hand corner 15071138)

The current version of PDF to WMF Converter doesn't support this function, it can't read the text from PDF or WMF file and rename the output WMF file, it hasn't this function. However, if this function is important to you, we can provide a custom-build version of PDF to WMF Converter product to you at additional cost, we will send an email to you to talk details about this matter.


We seem to have a good success running the vector program individually And wanted to try running it in a batch.

I have tried running the below statement from a batch file and it does not seem to work Can you tell we what I am doing wrong.

for /r D:\test %F in (*.pdf) do "C:\pdf2vec.exe" "%F" "%~dpnF.wmf"
In the .bat file, you need replace % with %%, because % is the keyword in .bat file, please notice this matter.


We are trying to run the following command from SQL
It does not convert the file.
pdf2vec.exe is located on c:\pdf2vec.exe

We have tried the following statements:
xp_cmdshell 'pdf2vec.exe c:\3_5_454_20425877_1.pdf c:\15566006.wmf', no_output
xp_cmdshell 'pdf2vec.exe 3_5_454_20425876_1.pdf 15566004.wmf', no_output

Neither worked.
Can you tell us how it should read?
Please use full path to pdf2vec.exe to try again, for example,

xp_cmdshell 'C:\pdf2vec.exe c:\3_5_454_20425877_1.pdf c:\15566006.wmf'
xp_cmdshell 'C:\pdf2vec.exe 3_5_454_20425876_1.pdf 15566004.wmf'

Can you work fine with full path?




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