How can I add lines on pages in docPrint preview application?

You can use the “Add Comments on Current Page”  option to add  lines, and text comments on the pages of documents in Verypdf docPrint preview application. You can add lines and lines with open arrows as well as close arrows on the pages. Moreover, you can change the color, style, and opacity of the lines.

This article will show you how to add various lines on pages in Verypdf docPrint preview application.

1 Open the selected document.

2 Run Verypdf docPrint preview application

Press “Ctrl+P” >select docPrint as the printer in the “Print” dialog box >press OK to run the VeryPDF docPrint preview application

3 Open the “Annotated document” dialog box

Click the selected page >Click  “Edit” on the “docPrint” dialog box >Click  “Add Comments on Current Page” on the drop down menu to open the“Annotated document”dialog box

4 Trigger the comment buttons on the “Annotated document”dialog box

The following screen shot illustrates the “Annotated document” dialog box, where there are nine buttons marked by green rectangle. Seven of those buttons are gray, which are marked by a red rectangle. The grey buttons are comment buttons.


In order to trigger the comment buttons, you should click the second button image . Then  the following seven buttons image turn to be  colorful. It means you can use them to add comment now. The third button from the backimage   enables you to add lines to mark the important content on the page. Then let me show you how to add different lines on the page:

4.1    Add  pure line on page

Click image >with press the left mouse key down,  drag a line on the page.

4.2 add bold line on page

Repeat 4.1>select one line>right click this line>choose  “Properties” to open the “Properties” dialog box>select the proper number as the “Thickness”,  e.g., 12.>Click “Close” to close the “Properties” dialog box.


Then you will see a bold line on the page. The following screen shot shows the comparison between the original line with the thickness set as “1” by default and the bold one with the thickness specified as “12’.


4.3 Change the color of line

repeat 4.2 to draw a new bold line>right click this line>choose  “Properties” to open the “Properties” dialog box>select the color you like as the “Color” of the line,  e.g., green.>Click “Close” to close the “Properties” dialog box.


Then you will find a green bold line appear on the page


4.4 Add arrow on the line

You can add arrows including open arrow and closed arrow at the start point as well as the end point of a line.

Repeat 4.4  or copy and paste the green line to create a new green line> >right click this line>choose  “Properties” to open the “Properties” dialog box>specify “Open Arrow” as the “Start” >specify “Closed Arrow” as “End”>Click “Close” to close the “Properties” dialog box.


As you can see on the following screen shot, the marked line with arrows are the new created one. the arrow on the left is open arrow, while the arrow on the right is closed arrow. You can also use this method to create a line with only one arrow. 


4.4 Change the opacity of line

Repeat 4.2 to create two  new lines>select the second line>right click this line>choose  “Properties” to open the “Properties” dialog box>change “Opacity to 52%>click “Close” to close the “Properties” dialog box.



Then, compare the two lines on the page. the second one whose opacity is “32%” is transparent,  while the first one whose opacity is 100%  is opaque.


This article only introduced a part of how to add comments on pages. To read more articles on VeryPDF docPrint, please go to visit

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