Convert PPT to PDF and set PDF subject by command line

If you want to set PDF subject when convert PPT to PDF by command line, you can try VeryPDF Document Converter. This converter supports batch conversion from PPT to PDF and PDF subject setting. In addition, it provides a command line application named docPrint Pro Command Line, which is the tool you are going to need.

To get the converter, please click VeryPDF Document Converter. After install it, please open the installation folder and you will find an executable file named doc2pdf.exe in that folder. Both doc2pdf.exe and docPrint Pro Command Line refer to the same thing: the tool that can help you convert PPT to PDF and set PDF subject by command line. Please follow the steps below to use it to solve the problem:

Firstly, you should run Command Prompt. Command Prompt is a command line interpreter provided by Windows. Under different versions of Windows, you may need to take different ways to run Command Prompt. Taking Window XP as an example, you can open it by clicking Start, clicking Run on the Start menu, typing cmd and pressing Enter. When the Command Prompt window appears, you can proceed to the next step.

Secondly, you should type a command line on the Command Prompt window and press Enter. The command line you are going to type must contain the elements included in the basic usage:

Usage: doc2pdf [options] <-i Document Files> [-o Output]

The option for PDF subject setting is -j <subject>. The following are some tips: First, the character string should be enclosed by quotation marks. Second, the input path must follow -i and the output path must follow -o. Please take a look at the two examples as follow:

  • "C:\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe" -j "ppt2pdf" -i C:\*.ppt -o E:\*.pdf
  • "C:\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe" -j "ppt2pdf" -i C:\in.ppt -o E:\out.pdf

Both the command lines set PDF subject(s) to be ppt2pdf. The first example is for batch conversion, and the second example is for converting a sing PPT to PDF. Please type your command line according to your requirements. And don’t forget to press Enter to get the conversion started.

Do you want to see more features of VeryPDF Document Converter? You can get more information about docPrint Pro Command Line and the other three applications included in VeryPDF Document Converter on

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