Save HTML webpage to TIFF image

Today, I will introduce you a method to save webpage of HTML to TIFF image with HTML Converter on computers of Windows systems, whose information can be found on homepage of HTML Converter.

Before introduction is started, you can also go to our website at to browse other useful products if you would like. And of course, if you want to use HTML Converter to process this task, you also need to install it on your computer with this way:

Double click installer of HTML Converter, so you can follow setup wizard step by step till it is successful to install HTML Converter on your computer successfully.

Then, you can follow steps below to convert HTML to TIFF with HTML Converter:

1. Open GUI interface of HTML Converter and add source file

Click “Add Files” on GUI interface after you double click shortcut of HTML Converter, then select HTML file in pop dialog box and click “open” , then this HTML file can be added for this process so that its path can appear in processing form automatically.

interface of HTML Converter

2. To get objective format as TIFF, please click “setting” on GUI interface > click “Base settings” tab, then select “.tif” on dropdown list of “output” so that your targeting file type can be TIFF after you click “ok” in order to make program save this setting.

click ".pdf" on dropdown list and click "ok"

3. Then, you need to select targeting folder for saving TIFF image on your computer and of course you also need to start this conversion, so please click button of “start” on GUI interface, so after you select one folder in pop dialog box, you should click “ok” there, finally, your TIFF file can be made based on HTML webpage through HTML Converter on your computer.

dialog box of "browse for folder"

Anyway, it is our pleasure if you drop your comments here in case you meet problems during conversion from HTML to TIFF with HTML Converter. I am sure our technique support will contact you as soon as possible in order to solve your problems properly. 🙂

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