How to choose PDF split software?

Please allow me to share me experience in choosing PDF split software, hoping it can help you in some degree. For quite a  long time, I have been wondering to find a software which can help me do PDF splitting job easily, but as time reason, I have not put it into practice utile yesterday. I  guess there must be lots of people who have the same problem as me, so I put an article here.

After searching, I come into the website of PDF Split-Merge v3.0. According to the description on the website, I guess this software can help me split PDF files.  But there are many version software stated on the website, I do not know which one should be chosen. After consulting the support team, I feel the first one will be better for me. But out of carefulness consideration, I tried all of them. But one thing need to be noted here that you only need to test the command version will be OK. As  to the Server License,Developer License and Company License, they are the same as 1 License. In the following part, I will compare them according to my experience.

PDF Split-Merge

interface of PDF split and merge

It can help you do the followings.

  • Allow you to specify some page or pages for deleting, merging and splitting.
  • Allow you to set the page range for deleting, merging and splitting  pages.
  • Allow you to cross merge PDF files. Like,
  • A.pdf (PDF File1) contain A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 pages,
    B.pdf (PDF File2) contain B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 pages,
    the output PDF file will contain following pages,
    A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3, A4, B4, A5, B5

  • Command line version provide together.

In a word, this software will be quite helpful when you need to do merging, splitting and cross merging PDF  files. And you also need to call it from MS Dos.

 PDF Size Splitter v2.0

interface of PDF Size Spliter

  • It can help you split PDF according to the PDF size.
  • When you set the size is too small, the software will remind you automatically.

Say you have a PDF file whose size is 294 KB and you need to split them to several small parts. You can set Split by the size. If you set the size is 100 KB, then this software will split the PDF file to the ones whose size is between 100 and 200.

source file and splitted one

In a word, this software can help you split PDF file to the small ones according to the specified size.

PDF Manual Splitter Version 2.0

interface of PDF Mannul splitter 

As to this software, you can feel its differences according to the usage.

  • Click the button Open to open the PDF file needed splitting. All the pages will be shown on the interface automatically.
  • Right click the page where you need to split, then choose Insert Break Point.
  • Do the same job to insert the Break Point.
  • Click the button Split or press the hot key F5 then the PDF splitting job will begin.
  • A few seconds later, you can get the spitted PDF files in the specified folder.

This software is much easier to split PDF to pages visually as all the pages will be shown on the screen. So it is much easier to use. Actually compare those software from function, there is not too many differences. They all can help you split PDF file accurately. But they are different in the splitting ways and using ways. You can choose one of them according to your need.

For me, I choose PDF Split-Merge in the lone run, maybe in the future, I will use its merge function and cross merge function. Or you can choose the one of them from the price.

price list

Here is my own opinion about choosing PDF split software, hoping it will be helpful for you in some degree.

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