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When you want to split pdf document into single files, which kind of standard will you apply to? The pdf page, pdf bookmark or others? The new product PDF Splitter is a useful program which can be used to split pdf document basing on pdf page and pdf bookmark.

The main features of PDF Splitter will be introduced in the following contents and if you have any ideas, advices, opinions or questions about PDF Splitter, please click here to contact us. Your twinkle ideas may give you the chance to use the software of VeryPDF free of charge. So please start to beat your brains to make PDF Splitter more powerful.

Main Features of PDF Splitter

Split pdf basing on pdf page.

  • Split all pages of the whole pdf into single files.
  • Split every xxx page (s) to pdf file (s).
  • Extract some part of the input pdf to single pdf file. The page number can be like “2”, “3-5”, “2 5 8”, “3 6-9 11”, etc.
  • Combine one extracted pdf into one pdf file.
  • Support split pdf files in batch.
  • Combine the batch extracted pdf files into one pdf file.
  • Remove specified pdf page.
  • Remove specified pdf page in batch.

Split pdf basing on pdf bookmark

  • Split pdf by each page bookmark.
  • Split pdf by each short file name.
  • Split pdf by each full file name.
  • Split pdf by every xxx pages’ bookmark.
  • Extract pdf by specifying page or file name, etc. bookmark.
  • Remove pdf by inputting page or file name, etc. bookmark.
  • Combine the split pdf file together as one single pdf file.
  • Split bookmark pdf in batch.

Common Features

  • Encrypt created pdf by user and owner passwords.
  • Support different permissions like printing, copying, modifying, etc.
  • Support user or owner password protected pdf.
  • Allow to drag and drop operations.
  • Preview the thumbnail of each pdf file.

Please don’t forget to contact us if you have good ideas for PDF Splitter. Just by clicking here, you can easily contact our support team.

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