DOS commands for PCL to PDF

Q: We are considering the purchase of a Developer license for your product. We want to integrate it into our own products written in VB 6. Accordingly we clicked "Download" for the "VeryPDF PCL Converter SDK. We extracted it to a folder and tried to run the test project in the VB folder. We failed, could you please show me some example in VB.

A: You meet "not find pcltoolsdk.dll" error when debug VB test project. You can use "ChDir App.Path" to set current work directory.
For example:
Private Declare Function VeryPDFPCLConverter Lib "pcltoolsdk.dll" (ByVal strCommandLine As String) As Long
Private Sub PCL2PDF_Click()
Dim nRet As Long
Dim strCmd As String
Dim strInPCL As String
Dim strOutPDF As String
strInPCL = App.Path & "\test.pcl"
strOutPDF = App.Path & "\test.pcl.pdf"
ChDir App.Path
strCmd = "-$ XXXXXXXXXXXXX "
strCmd = strCmd & " """ & strInPCL & """"
strCmd = strCmd & " """ & strOutPDF & """"
nRet = VeryPDFPCLConverter(strCmd)
'MsgBox (Str(nRet))
End Sub


Q:I design "Print Cable To PDF" automator that calls VeryPDF PCL DOS command lines .It works basically fine, but one doctor customer wants a different size of .pdf as the .pdf will be uploaded tocloud, digitized and downloaded to doctor again, and the download image is not big enough.Do you know if -width -height -yres -xres apply to .pdf out or just image out like .jpg ? Also do you know what the units are in -width ? Inches?, pixels?, or something else? Is new version PCLTOOLS I see "2.2" still called 2.0 in command line, or do we have to redesign our software DOS Command Line to v2.2\pcltool.exe ? My company Photologic Ltd. plans to sell our PDF Automator to many sites, so this may beimportant product for you to know about as it will require all our users to purchase VeryPDF PCL.-width -height are supported by PDF format.
-width -height -yres -xres are supported by image formats.


  • -width -height are supported by PDF format.
    -width -height -yres -xres are supported by image formats.
  • The unit is point, you can convert from inch or mm to point by yourself,
    For Example, Set page width to 800 pixel and page height to 600 pixel,
    pageWidth = 800;
    pageHeight= 600;
    For Example, Set page width to 8.5 inch and page height to 11 inch,
    pageWidth = 8.5 * 72;
    pageHeight= 11 * 72;
    For Example, Set page width to 210 mm and page height to 297 mm,
    pageWidth = 210 / 25.4 * 72;
    pageHeight= 297 / 25.4 * 72;
    You can convert your inch or mm to point to try again.

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