A simple and convenient method to crop pdf of multi-page

This article aims to tell you how to convert crop pdf of multi-page with PDF Crop for iPad.

Sometimes, multi-page pdf files could be not easily cropped one time. But since PDF Crop for iPad has been designed, anyone for Windows systems could easily crop pdf of multi-page directly, even for setting pdf page range for all pages, PDF Crop for iPad can help you accomplish them, too! Here you could freely experience PDF Crop for iPad, too.

Here is interface of PDF Crop for iPad below:

Interface of PDF Crop for iPad

Then, want to know how to use a simple and convenient way to crop pdf of multi-page one time right now? Please read the following paragraphs.

1. Drag and drop multi-page pdf file into preview panel on GUI interface of PDF Crop for iPad.

2. Preview multi-page pdf file by adjusting it with image  and preview each page of multi-page pdf file with thumbnails on the left of interface.

3. To crop pdf pages proper and properly, you can drag a rectangle onto preview page, then drop it at a proper location. If you think it is not suitable for your need, please adjust the dimension of rectangle with image or image  etc. red point till it is ok for you. Or just click on image for auto-adjusting.

Interface of rectangle for you to crop pdf and adjust rectangle

Fig. Interface of rectangle for you to crop pdf and adjust rectangle

4. To crop pdf file of all pages one time, or even pages, or odd pages, please click on image > select one option on dropdown list > click on  Apply Now.


Fig. Page Range Selection panel

5. To crop pdf with multi-page, please click on image > select one folder for saving cropped pdf with multi-page > click on Save.

If you follow my instructions above to crop pdf with multi-page, it will successful in the end, and here is my example cropped pdf file for you to refer to:

cropped multi-page pdf file

If you have questions on how to crop pdf and how to trim multi-page pdf with PDF Crop for iPad, please contact our support team. If you want to use command line to crop pdf file and trim multi-page pdf file, please try PDF Margin Crop, which is a professional command line tool for Windows users to crop pdf singly or in batches with command line conveniently.

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