How to replace text in PDF by force?

hQuestion:I am trying to use the trail of VeryPDF PDF Text Replacer in trying to figoure out if this product will do what i need, I opened the program, selected my file, selected the output, and put in my replace text, and click replace. In the progress status, it says conversion start: with the filename, but after sitting for 30 minutes, there is no file in the output location or have the status changed. Am I doing something wrong?In the top right hand corner, it says Student ID: I need it to say StudentID:


Answer: After trying we can use PDF Text Replacer to replace "Student ID:" to "StudentID:" without any problem. In the following part, I will show you details about how to use this software.

Step 1. Download PDF Text Replacer

  • This software is GUI version, so you need to install it. Once the downloading finishes, there will be an exe file. Please install this software by double clicking the exe and following the installation message.
  • Once the installation finishes, there will be an icon on the desktop. Simply click it then you can launch this software.

Step 2. Launch software and add files.

  • The following snapshot is from the software interface. Please click button Add to add files to software and specify the output folder. Following go to According to Position tab, there you will find a button named Setting.

software interface of PDF Text Replacer

  • When you click button Setting, then you will see the following dialogue box. There will be text box around the text. Please lef click the text box and there will be a message “Add it to the table”. Click it then the text will be shown in the table. By the same way, you can add student and ID to the table. Please replace then with totally blank in the Replace with text part.

setting menu option

  • Here come the key step: please left click the mouse and draw an area around the text “Student ID ”. Please make sure the rectangle frame covers the two words. As there is no text near to those words, you can draw the  rectangle a little bigger. Then in the next page, those two words can be covered too.  When you finish drawing, please click Add it to the table too. Then there will be blank in the Find What, in the Replace With part, please input the word that you need to replace with.
  • Please make sure choose All pages in the Page option part, then you can replace those words in all the pages in one go.
  • Then please click button Save to back to the main interface.
  • Click button Replace, then the process will be launched at once. A few seconds later, the replacing process will be done.

By this method you can replace text easily in batch even if there are thousands of pages. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible. And now let us check the replacing effect from the following snapshot.

input PDF and output PDF

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