adjust image quality and white margin in htmltools.exe

Dear sir,

We have a developers license for the Verypdf HTML-tools application.

When we use it, we have the following problems:

The image-quality is worse in the PDF than it was in the source HTML. We have tried to change the parameters "quality" and "imgfilter" without success. How can we get better image quality?

Also, we can't get PDF output that is totally fills the page. We always get small white margins (at least one or two pixels, usually more). Can you recommend settings that do not give any margins?

With kind regards,
Can you please email to us the URL or HTML+Image flies that you want to convert? After we reproduced these two problems in our system, we will figure out a solution to you shortly.

Thanks for your response.

We have created an image and some testfiles to show you the problem. In the ZIP are the source files, including a txt file with the parameters we use to create the PDF.

Problem 1) White margins
Our clients want PDF's that fill the page, but we get white margins. The margins are not always the same when the exact same conversion is done on different computers. Sometimes they appear on the bottom, sometimes on the right, sometimes both.

Could you recommend optimal parameters and/or image-size to eliminate these margins?
Problem 2) Image quality
This is not a very big problem, but if you could recommend optimal settings for quality or tips for best format/size of source images, this would be very nice.
We have created a new version of htmltools.exe to you, please download it from following URL,


you can add "-fitpage" parameterto remove the margins from output PDF file, for example,

htmltools\htmltools.exe -fitpage -quality 100 -pdfa -nocenter -width 595 -height 842 -emfheight 842 -playemf2 "%CD%\template.html" "%CD%\template.pdf"

for the image quality, because you have zoomin the image in Adobe Reader, if you viewthe PDF file at 100% or "Actual Size", you will see the image's quality is same as original image in HTML file. You can insert high resolution image into HTML file, if so, you will get high quality image in PDF file too.

change image quality in htmltools.exe
change image quality in htmltools.exe


You are right about the image-quality, we have improved our source images and this resolves the problem.

Unfortunately the ZIP file you send us with a new htmltools.exe appears to be corrupt, when we try to open it, we get an error: “Bad zip header found” and it does not unpack.
It is maybe caused by your network problem, the file size for the is 6.01 MB (6,309,966 BYTE), what is the file size in your system? If your downloaded file size less than 6.01 MB, please redownload it from following URL to try again,

This version does exactly what we need, The new –fitpage parameter fixes our problem.

Thank you for the quick response and solution.
It appears htmltools.exe is dependent on Internet Explorer and not compatible with Internet Explorer 9. When we install IE9, the PDF output is completely black.

This wil be a big problem for us in the near future. Will there be a version available that does work when IE9 is installed?

Can you give an indication when a new version could be available? Our clients usually do not work with IE9 at the moment, but will probably start upgrading soon.

Thanks again for your quick response to our previous problem.
Thanks for your message, we will support IE9 in the next version of htmltools.exe application, we will let you know after the new version is available, thanks for your patience.

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