Call PDF To Image Converter COM Component v2.0 from 64bit application

We are thinking about buying your component? PDF To Image Converter COM Component v2.0“, but I have a problem with testing it on Windows Server 2003 x64. (x86 platform is OK)

On Windows Server 2003 x64 I get an "0x8007000B" error.

I can prevent it by setting provided console application to x86 platform, but better solution for me is to have a library pdf2image.dll build for x64 system and have my solution with "Any CPU" setting.

Can you provide us with pdf2image.dll build to x64 please?

Thank you,
We don’t have the PDF2Image product now, but we will buy it as soon as we will be able to run it on Windows Server 2003 x64 testing server.

I downloaded your test examples from To Image Converter and it doesn’t run on our Windows Server 2003 x64 testing server (I don’t install it - only copy pdf2image.dll to the bin folder with mentioned issues. (32 bit is OK). I use DotNetConsoleClass example for c#.

If we buy it - do we get the all versions for $299 (1 Server licence)? 32 and 64 bit.
The latest version of PDF2Image SDK contains a PDF2ImageCOM.exe file, this is the COM interface, this COM interface can be called from both 32bit and 64bit applications.

Please put PDF2ImageCOM.exe and pdf2image.dll, cimage.dll files into same folder, launch a CMD window by administrator privilege, run following command line to register it,

PDF2ImageCOM.exe /regserver

After you registered it, you can call asp_PDFToImageConverter() function from 32bit or 64bit code to convert PDF files to image files, please refer to following VBS code,

'please run "64bit-com-install.bat" to register PDF2ImageCOM.exe first
Set pdfcom = CreateObject("PDF2Image.CPDF2Image")
nRet = pdfcom.asp_PDFToImageConverter("C:\\1.pdf", "C:\\1.jpg", "", "", 200, 200, 24, 32773, 85, 0, 0, 1, 1)

You can also refer to the test steps at below,

You can download the latest version of PDF2Image SDK from following URL,

latest version of PDF2Image SDK does contain the 64bit COM interface, you can use it by following steps,

1. Run "64bit-com-install.bat" or following command line to install PDF2ImageCOM.exe into your system, you need run it by administrator privilege,

PDF2ImageCOM.exe /regserver

2. You can use following 64bit code to test its capability,

Dim oTest, nPageCount, nPageWidth, nPageHeight
Set oTest = CreateObject("PDF2Image.CPDF2Image")
m_strInputFileName = "C:\test.pdf"
nPageCount = oTest.asp_PDFToImageGetPageCount(m_strInputFileName)
nPageWidth = oTest.asp_PDFToImageGetPageWidth(m_strInputFileName, 1)
nPageHeight = oTest.asp_PDFToImageGetPageHeight(m_strInputFileName, 1)
'Converter PDF file to TIFF file by DPI information
oTest.asp_PDFToImageConverter m_strInputFileName, "C:\example1_tiffpack.tiff", "", "", 300, 300, 24, 32773, 70, 0, 1, -1, -1
oTest.asp_PDFToImageConverter m_strInputFileName, "C:\example1.emf", "", "", 300, 300, 24, 32773, 70, 0, 1, -1, -1
'Converter PDF file to TIFF file by page size information
oTest.asp_PDFToImageConverterEx m_strInputFileName, "C:\example1_tiffpack_page_size.tiff", "", "", 1, nPageWidth, nPageHeight, 24, 32773, 70, 0, 1, -1, -1

MsgBox "Convert Success!"

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