Can’t register htmlsdk.dll file properly in htmltools.exe application


My company owns the server version of the htmtools program to convert html files to pdf files.
It works fine in the XP operating system.
It is not working in the Windows 7 operating system.
The error is: Can’t register ‘htmlsdk.dll’ file properly.
All of our individual computers are being converted from XP to Windows 7.

Could you please send us a fix as soon as possible.
Please use administrator privilege to run htmltools.exe application, the "Can’t register ‘htmlsdk.dll’ file properly" problem will be solved immediately.

What is the path to the folder that contains the htmlsdk.dll file?
I hopefully can open up the privileges on that folder to allow anyone to use that file.
You need launch a CMD window by administrator privilege, run htmltools.exe in this CMD window, "Can’t register htmlsdk.dll file properly" problem will be solved.

Please look at following web page,

Run a Command as Administrator from the Windows 7 / Vista Run box
If you are a command line junkie like me, and have been testing out Windows 7 or Vista… one of the first things you’ll notice is that there is no way to run a command from the run box in “Administrator” mode. Until now.

To try this out, go to the run box and type in something (cmd, for example)
Now instead of hitting the Enter key, use Ctrl+Shift+Enter. You will be prompted with the obnoxious User Account Control dialog… but it will then open up a command prompt in Administrator mode.

Hint: You can use Alt + C to quickly close the User Account Control dialog in Vista, or Alt+Y in Windows 7.

Also, this problem has been solved in latest version of HTML to PDF Converter product, please download the latest version of HTML to PDF Converter product from following URL to try again,


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