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With the help of PDF Editor, you can add pdf annotation easily for the inputted pdf document. When you finish in reading this article, you will find that PDF Editor is really a good and powerful application tool.

If you just want to experience it only, please download the free trial version of PDF Editor at http://www.verypdf.com/pdf-editor/pdfeditor_setup.exe and set up it on your computer. For the convenience of your work, you’d better create a desktop icon for the application so that you can find and open it when you use it.

Firstly, please open the application. If you there is no desktop icon and you have forgotten that where you installed it, please click “Start”—“All Programs”—“VeryPDF PDF Editor v2.6”—“VeryPDF PDF Editor” to open the application. Or you can double click the application icon or right click it to click “Open” option.

Secondly, pease add the PDF document into PDF Editor with any one of the following ways: (1) Please click “File”—“Open” or click “Open” button in toolbar to open “Open” dialog box. Then you will be able to choose the file you want to use in this dialog box and click “OK” button. To open the same dialog box, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl”+ “O” combination.

Thirdly, just see the user interface of PDF Editor in Figure 1. Please click “Tools”—“Edit Comment” or click “Edit Comment” button in toolbar to open comment status. Then the four button framed by the red rectangle in toolbar are available. For adding pdf annotation, please click the second one—“Add Note” button.

add pdf annotation in PDF Editor

                                                                   Figure 1

Then a note will be displayed in the middle of the document pane as its default place. Click the note and drag it to any place in the document pane. Or you can use ←,↑,→ or ↓ key on the keyboard to move the note icon. Please double click the icon, a small dialog box will appear, in which you can input the content of pdf annotation. Please see it in Figure 2.

edit pdf annotation

                                                                Figure 2

By right click the dialog box, you can edit the annotation such as copy, cut, paste, delete, set to background, set to foreground, lock/unlock, properties, etc. For getting the details about these options, please see the user manual of PDF Editor at http://www.verypdf.com/pdf-editor/pdf-editor/index.htm. If you have finished editing pdf annotation, please click “Save” button in toolbar or click “File”—“Save” to save the changes.

Lastly, you need to save the current pdf as a new one. Just click “File”—“Save as” or use the hot key “Shift”+ “Ctrl”+ “S” to open “Save as” dialog box in which you are allowed to choose path, input name for and save the new pdf document.

If you still have any questions about the tool PDF Editor to add pdf annotation, please leave a reply or come to our live chat support. We will give you satisfy answers as possible as we can.

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