Convert EMF to PDF and protect PDF

If you want to protect PDF document when you create it, you may set a open password or owner password to the PDF document. The password length can by set as 40 bits or 128 bits. If you don’t want the PDF document to be copied, modified or printed by others, you can also add the encryption to the PDF document. When you convert emf to pdf document, you can protect PDF document perfectly by using the command line application Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line.

Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line can convert metafile to PDF document and it is able to set parameters for the target PDF document. Moreover, the output PDF file has a high resolution, which can be printed well. If you want to use the application, please download the free trial version for experiencing at

If you want to run Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line on a server, you should buy the server license. If you are to develop the software basing on Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line, you need to buy a developer license.

Please carefully see the following contents which are for converting emf to pdf and protecting PDF document.

The first step is opening MS-DOS interface. There are two supplied methods for you to choose. One is to click “Start”—“Run” to open “Run” dialog box. Then please input “cmd” or “CMD” in “Run” dialog box and click “OK” button. The other one is to press “Window”+ “R” combination on the keyboard to open “Run” dialog box.

The second step is inputting command line into MS-DOS interface. If you want to protect PDF document when convert emf to pdf, you should also add parameters for setting password length and encrypting standard. Please see the following command line sample.

emf2pdf.exe -ownerpwd owner -keylen 2 -encryption 3900 C:\in.emf C:\out.pdf

For better understanding the command line sample, you can see the specific example below.

"C:\Program Files\image2pdf_emf2pdf_cmd3.2\emf2pdf.exe" -ownerpwd 123 -keylen 2 -encryption 3900 "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\demo\emf\test0001.emf" C:\test0001.pdf

In the command line,

"C:\Program Files\image2pdf_emf2pdf_cmd3.2\emf2pdf.exe" is the path of emf2pdf.exe which is the called program in the package.

-ownerpwd 123 sets the owner password as “123”. You can also set the open password by the command “-openpwd”.

-keylen 2 is for setting key length, which means 128 bit RC4 encryption.

-encryption 3900 is for setting restrictions to the target PDF document, which means denying anything.

"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\demo\emf\test0001.emf" is the path of source file.

C:\test0001.pdf is the path of target file.

When you input the file path, you can drag the file you need into the command line window for getting the paths for convenience.

The key length can also be set by other values:

-keylen 0:  40 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 3 or higher)
-keylen 1: 128 bit RC4 encryption (Acrobat 5 or higher)

The encryption can also be set by other value.

-encryption    4: Deny printing
-encryption    8: Deny modification of contents
-encryption   16: Deny copying of contents
-encryption   32: No commenting

The last step is to click “Enter” button on the keyboard to run the conversion from emf to pdf and find the target file when the conversion is completed.

If you want to enter its homepage, please click the following link:

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