Convert EMF to PDF and set page size

You can use the command line application Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line to convert emf to pdf documents and set different kinds of parameters for the target file. For example, you can set page size for the created PDF document in the conversion process and the whole conversion will be finished within three steps.

At first, you should download the free trial version of Metafile to PDF Converter Command Line at and you should unzip it to some location of your computer. The file you need to use is the executable file emf2pdf.exe in the package and you just need to call it when you need it.

Please see the following contents which are the specific steps for converting emf to pdf and setting page size.

You should open MS-DOS interface at the beginning of the conversion. Please click “Start” and click “Run” in the start menu for opening “Run” dialog box and then please input “cmd” or “CMD” in “Open” combo box of the dialog box. You should click “OK” button to close this dialog box. To open “Run” dialog box, you can also use the hot key “Window”+ “R”.

The second step is to input the command line in popup MS-DOS interface. You need to see the following command line template which contains called program, parameter for setting page size, source file and target file. But you have to input the path of each file when you write the real command line in the interface.

emf2pdf.exe -width 612 -height 792 C:\in.emf C:\out.pdf

For your better applying the command line template, you’d better input a command line like the following example.

"C:\Program Files\image2pdf_emf2pdf_cmd3.2\emf2pdf.exe" - width 234 -height 345 "D:\My Documents\A-in.emf" "D:\A-out.pdf"

In this command line,

  1. "C:\Program Files\image2pdf_emf2pdf_cmd3.2\emf2pdf.exe" is the path of emf2pdf.exe which is the executable file of the command line application. If you don’t like to input a so long path, you can drag the file from its folder to MS-DOS interface.
  2. - width 234 -height 345 is the parameter for setting page size, which means you have set page width as 234 pixels and page height as 345 pixels.
  3. "D:\My Documents\A-in.emf" is the path of source file.
  4. "D:\A-out.pdf" is the path of target file and you should set this parameter yourself according to your needs.

At last, just click “Enter” button on the keyboard to run the conversion from emf to pdf.

You can buy the server license to use the command line application on servers. You can also buy the developer license if you wan to redistribute the command line application within your own developed software. By entering its homepage, you can get more information about the application.

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