How to stamp PDF by Cloud API application?

If you need to stamp PDF for a few documents but you do not need to to spend lots of money on it. If you need to do stamping PDF and file formats conversion, please refer to the following article. VeryPDF developed a few cloud based applications which allows you to do file formats generation, conversion and stamping together. Here I will introduce one of them named VeryPDF PDF Stamper Cloud API, by which you can add text watermark, image watermark, graphics watermark, date, page numbers, bates numbers etc.  Please check more information of this software on homepage, in the following part, let us check how to use this software.

Step 1. Get an API key code

  • When you need to get an API key code on VeryPDF cloud API, you need to register an account on registration page. When you register, please make sure to use the same email address when register VeryPDF Cloud API account and buy "Plan"online. VeryPDF Cloud API uses email address to identify unique account.
  • When you finish payment, the API key code will be sent to your email box at once.

Step 2. Stamp PDF by cloud API

    • This cloud application allows you to stamp PDF by background watermark or a foreground stamp. Which means this software allows you to overlay or underlay PDF as stamp. Here is an example for your reference.
By this above URL, we can use Face.pdf as background PDF file, use mulipage.pdf as stamp PDF. In another word, we can overlay Face.pdf on mulipage.pdf .  This kind of stamping is a little different with other kind of stamps like text stamp, image stamp or other. The above stamping is a little kind of overlaying.  When you do the real stamping, please change the apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXXX to the real API key code in your email box. And then change the PDF URL to the real URL of the PDF which you need to stamp.

  • There is another example for you to check.
By this above link, we can pass a configuration file to Advanced PDF Tools Cloud API by -pdftoolsini option. This URL is different with the first one as they use different software. But by this one, you can also stamp PDF easily.  Please check more related examples of this software on introduction menu page.

The above two URL provide two modes of stamping PDF. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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