You can use docPrint to print PowerPoint document to PDF file through the following steps:

Step 1: open the PowerPoint document you want to print.

Step 2: click on the PowerPoint document, and press “Ctrl+P”. then you will see a prompt as following:


Step 3: select the options on the prompt.

1 Which printer?

Select “dicprint” on the drop-down menu of printer name.

2 Which slides?

Simply click on a button to print the current slide or all the slides. In case you want to print some slides, docPrint also allows you to enter slide numbers and /or slide ranges in the added box, like 1, 5, 8-19 to print whatever you want to print.

3 What do you want?

Sometimes, you may want to print the outline of the PPT document; sometimes you may want to print slides or handout. If so, go to select the proper option on the “Print What” menu.


4 How many copies?

You can set the number in the added box of “Number of copies”.

5 How to save paper and ink?

To save paper, you can print several slides on one piece of paper. Docprint allows you to print 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 9 slides on one piece of paper. For instance, to print 6 slides on one piece of paper, you should select “Handout” on the drop-down menu of “Print What”, and set the number of “Slides per page”


Furthermore, docPrint help you save ink by allowing you to change “color” to “black
&white” or “grayscale” on the drop-down menu of “Color/Grayscale”.

Step 4: preview

Press OK, then you can preset things like page number, page margin, and watermark on the prompt of “Option Setting”

Step 5 print

Click on the printer icon, and choose the printer to print.

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