How to call PDFPrint SDK from Windows 64bit (x64) system?

Do you have a COM version of the PDFPrint SDK? Thanks.
Thanks for leaving a message for us.

Yes, we have COM version of the PDFPrint SDK. Here is the website and link for you:

During the using,if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

Thanks for your cooperation and best wishes for you.

here are my questions:

1.The PDFPrint SDK functionality works ok for us HOWEVER, it needs all the
DLLs (printpdfsdk.dll, GdiPlus.dll, cimage.dll) to be in the same folder as
our executable file. Back in Oct 2011, Jack below had the reply to us.

*Yes, you must place EXE and DLL files into same folder, then your EXE will
able to load DLL files from current folder properly.

We will try to release a PDFPrint COM in the future, you will able to debug
this PDFPrint COM from VB6 code directly, we will let you know after
PDFPrint COM is ready.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have question on this.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Services Support Team*

He said you will be releasing a COM version (*once installed, the DLLs do
not need to be in the same folder as our application*) soon but could not
find this in your website.

2. For PDFPrint Command Line, it works ok but we can only call it in Visual
Basic 6 using a Shell command. We would prefer if there was a COM version
of the PDFPrint SDK.

3. If we get the Developer license for PDFPrint Command Line, can that be
distributed to multiple stations?

Kindly respond to all my questions.
We have created a new version to you, please download new version from following URL,

after you unzip it to a folder, please use administrator privilege to run "64bit-com-install.bat" or "pdfprintcom.exe /regserver", then you can register pdfprintcom.exe into your system. After that, you can call pdfprintcom.exe from your code to print PDF files easily.

Please refer to following VBS code,
'please run "64bit-com-install.bat" to register pdfprintcom.exe first

Set pdfcom = CreateObject("pdfprintcom.pdfprint")
nRet = pdfcom.com_PDFPrint("pdfprint D:\temp\1234.pdf")


One question...

When creating a Visual Basic 6 package, what files and how should we include the PDFPrintcom.exe into the package so that when the package is installed it automatically registers the pdfprintcom.exe?

You need include following files into your package,

encoding folder,

pdfprintcom.exe will load dll and necessary files automatically.

Question number 2:

When the PDF prints, it the fonts seem BOLDER than when printing the PDF using Acrobat reader and the top and left margins seem to have been reduced a bit. Is there a way to print the PDF exactly the same way it gets printed out using Acrobat Reader?

If not, how to adjust font boldness and top and left margins?

Please add -raster2 parameter to try again, for example,

Set pdfcom = CreateObject("pdfprintcom.pdfprint")
nRet = pdfcom.com_PDFPrint("pdfprint -raster2 D:\temp\1234.pdf")

We currently have the 64-bit version of the PDFPrint COM and it's working great. Would it be possible to provide us with the 32-bit version as well?

pdfprintcom is work for 32bit application too, you can call it from a 32bit EXE application without any problem.


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