PDFPrint Command Line Server License failed to print a PDF file because permissions wrong

I work at the XXXXXXXXX company. We bought a copy of pdfprint and installed and tested it. It worked in test but we weren't ready to put it into production. Then we moved to a new building and have gone into production with the system that uses pdfprint. I put the software on a network drive and invoked it with the license key (or without the license), and I saw it work once or twice but then it never worked again.

Here is a command line I have tried:

"L:\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe" -duplex 2 "-$" XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -printer "\\nci6116g\3050RIC907" "ResponseSheetArticle281785_Mbr77.pdf"

The program is found and does run. It produces the output: "Thank you for choosing our product.", but does not print the Page 1, Page 2, etc. messages, and does not produce printout. I have tried many variations, with and without quote marks, with and without the license key, and with and without the -duplex 2 parameter, all with the same results.

The following command works fine every time:

copy foo.txt "\\nci6116g\3050RIC907$"

So it appears that the printer is correctly identified. I am also able to display and print the document from Acrobat reader with no problem, so it appears that the document is okay.

This is a critical application.

Please help.

Thank you very much.
Could this be a license issue?

It was my understanding that I could pass the license key on the command line using the "-$" parameter. Did I get that wrong?

Here's why I am doing it that way.

The software will be used almost exclusively by a single user. However, if that user goes on vacation or is out sick, it is necessary for another user to be able to run the print jobs that the original user would normally run. For that reason, I put the software on a network drive and am passing in the license key.

In addition, I am a programmer who has written a program that will drive the operation of pdfprint, along with other programs to print Word and other format documents. It would simplify my testing if I were able to access the program for test purposes.

If that is against the terms of the license agreement, I apologize and will correct the problem. I can probably get the organization to purchase more licenses.

Please use IP address to instead of computer name to try again, for example,

"L:\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe" -debug -duplex 2 "-$" XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -printer "\\\3050RIC907" "ResponseSheetArticle281785_Mbr77.pdf"

if you still have same problem, please send to us the debug message, we will come back to you shortly after we checked your debug message.

Thank you!

I think I've found the cause of the problem. The -debug parameter
provided the crucial information. After I got the path and printer
address right it gave me this output:

You have selected nothing for printing, something is wrong in

I think what's happening is a Windows permissions problem. The PDF
files are prepared on a Linux server by a process running under the
Apache user account. Then they are packed into a tar file, and
downloaded to the workstation where they are untar'd by a cygwin port of
the GNU tar command. I think the untar process is getting the
permissions wrong.

I'm afraid that Windows permissions and Windows tools for viewing and
manipulating permissions, are something of a mystery to me.

For reasons that I don't understand, most of the Windows programs were
able to read and print the files just fine, but pdfprint could not and,
under some circumstances, some of the others could not.

I will fiddle with it and make it work.

Thank you again. I appreciate your help.

Thank you for your message.

Thank you and have a nice day!


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