Gibberish data after converting PDF to TIFF

Hi we are having a separate problem converting the attached PDFs using the "asp_PDFToImageConverter2" method. Following are our parameters:

X Resolution: 200
Y Resolution: 200
Bitcount: 1
Grayscale: False
Compression: 4
Quality: 100

The attached zip files contains both the source PDF and the resulting TIFFs. A lot of the text is in the TIFF images is gibberish.
We have created a new version of PDF2Image SDK to you, please download it from following URL,


We have added a “p2isdk.dll” file in the new version, please copy p2isdk.dll and pdf2image.dll and cimage.dll files into same folder, then you can convert your PDF files to BW TIFF files properly.

This PDF file is contain color image, we have to use halftone technology to render this color PDF file to BW image, so the resultant TIFF file may become “Blurr”, this is normal.

If possible, for the color PDF file, is it possible for you to output to JPEG format instead of TIFF format? If you choose JPEG format for the color image, the result image file may good.


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