pdf2vec.exe crash on Windows Server 2003 R2 x64


I may have an application that require converting single and / or batches of pdf files to wmf images.  Basic specs are as follows.

Retain file name
Retain image size and resolution
Convert all files in a folder or by file name
Operate from the command line
No dialog or interface when running from the command line

Is this standard functionality or would customization be required?
Our PDF to Vector Converter product has this function, please download PDF to Vector Converter from following web page to try,


you can run following command line to convert your PDF file to WMF file,

pdf2vec.exe C:\test.pdf C:\out.wmf

you can also run following command line to batch convert all of your PDF files in D:\test folder and sub-folders to WMF files at one time,

for /r D:\test %F in (*.pdf) do "C:\pdf2vec.exe" "%F" "%~dpnF.wmf"

above command line can retain the filename during conversion.


We have been working with your demo download and have established that it can be the solution for our image conversion project.  We are running into the obstacle that this program will not run from our server in the command line.   We are using Windows Server 2003 R2 x64.  We get the error failed to initialize application.

PDF to SWF Crash on Windows 2003 system
PDF to WMF Crash on Windows 2003 system

Any help or insight would be appreciated.
Please turn off DEP for "pdf2vec.exe" application to try again, please refer to following steps about how to turn off DEP in your system,

1. Click "Start"
2. Select "Control Panel"
3. Select "System"
4. Click the "Advanced" tab
5. In the "Performance" region select "Settings"
6. Click the "Data Execute" tab in the dialog box that opens
7. Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I select"
8. Click "Add"
9. The open dialog box will open. Browse and select "pdf2vec.exe" application in your computer,
10. Click "Open"
11. Click "Apply"
12. Click "Ok"
13. Reboot

OK, you can run "pdf2vec.exe" without any problem now, please to try.


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