Ellipse content in PDF document

It is easy enough for you to add ellipse content into your PDF document because the application PDF Editor will do you a great favor. You may never hear of PDF Editor before. It is a professional application which is able to edit, convert, read PDF document just by some easy clicks. Please see the following contents for showing you the specific steps.

You can download the application from the following link: www.verypdf.com/pdf-editor/pdfeditor_setup.exe. When you install it on your computer, please double click the setup file and follow the installation wizard appearing on your screen. This link is for downloading the free trial version, if you want to use all the functions, please click the link of its homepage to buy PDF Editor: http://www.verypdf.com/app/pdf-editor/index.html.

There are three steps in total for adding ellipse content into PDF document, the contents below are these three steps.

1. Please open your PDF document in PDF Editor at first. Find the document that you want to edit and right click it. In the popup dropdown list, please click “Open With”—“Choose Program” to open “Open With” dialog box in which you can click “Browse” button to find PDF Editor application for opening the PDF document.

2. Then you need to open the content status. You can click “Tools”—“Edit Content” or click “Edit Content” button in the toolbar. When the buttons in content toolbar are available, please click “Tools”—“Content”—“Draw”—“Ellipse” or click “Add Ellipse” button in the toolbar. Find a suitable location in the document pane and start to press and hold the left button of your mouse to move the mouse to any position until you see a ellipse. When you loose the left button, you need to click the ellipse again, which means you are going to edit it. You can see a red rectangle frame the ellipse and you can drag the rectangle to anywhere to change the location of the ellipse. You can also regulate the size for the ellipse by dragging the middle or the angle of the rectangle.

Please right click the ellipse, you can see a floating item in which you can choose to copy, cut, delete or set the properties for the document. Please see it in Figure 1. When you open the “Content Editor-Ellipse” dialog box via clicking “Properties” option in the floating item, you can change the line color, width, fill color, coordinate of the start point for the ellipse content.

add ellipse content in PDF document in PDF Editor

                                                                   Figure 1

3. Please save the changes by clicking “Save” button in the toolbar or click “File”—“Save” to save the changes you have made. You need to create a new PDF document for seeing this ellipse content. Please click “File”—“Save as” to open “Save as” dialog box and then input the name and set the output location for output file.

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