How to convert PDF to searchable PDF file?

   Now there are many products for converting PDF to word in the market and the conversion effect is just passable. But some customers feel that converting PDF to word is little bit cumbersome as in the converted word document sometimes the image and text  format and layout will be  changed.  In order to retain the PDF original layout and format but making the PDF file copy-paste accessible, VeryPDF developed software Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line which can help you make searchable PDF from images with OCR by command line.Now let us witness the conversion together.

First, download Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line.

  • As it is name shows, this is a suit of command line software, you need to call it from MS Dos Windows.
  • After downloading, it is a zip file. Please unzip it then check the elements in it.
  • If you are not familiar with command line, please download the GUI version.

Second, run the conversion following examples in the readme.txt.

PDF to searchable PDF: Img2PDF -x 1 -o c:\sample.pdf c:\input.pdf

  • Img2PDF.exe:  the executable file
  • -o [PDF file name] : PDF file will be generated
  • -x [OCR type]  : OCR documents within conversion, the value of document

For demonstrating its function more clearly, first I will convert one image file to PDF. As it is known to all that image PDF file can not be copied and pasted.

convert image to PDF for example
                       Fig. 1. convert image to PDF for example

The following snapshot is from converted PDF file. Now it is searchable. You can do copy and paste freely on it.

searchable PDF file
                     Fig. 2. searchable PDF file

By this software, you can also convert image file to searchable PDF file. Meanwhile even if your PDF file is protected by password, this software also can convert them to searchable PDF file under the condition you have the right to use it.

Up to here, I will call an end for the conversion. You can follow the introduction to have a free trial of it. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us by the ways supported on contact us website.

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