How to control orientation to output PDF file when convert HTML file to PDF file by htmltools.exe command line application?


I will purchase your htmltool.exe (command line) it is a very good utility, I only one question:

how can I convert a HTML file to pdf file, in landscape format ??
I used option -width and -height , and not functions good,

without the options width and height the result is good, for example I attached my example of pdf file result, it is good, but I want it result to landscape format,

can you help me, please?


thanks a lot
You can run following command line to convert your long HTML file to multi-page PDF file,

htmltools.exe -nocenter -width 612 -height 792 -emfheight 792 "" "C:\multipage.pdf"

You can use "-width" and "-height" parameters to set the paper size during conversion, you can also use "-emfheight" parameter to break a long html page into some short pages.

You need convert from inch to point, for example,

8.5inch = 8.5x72 = 612pt
11inch = 11x72 = 792pt

Additionally, VeryPDF has more products which can convert HTML files and Web pages to PDF documents, please look at following page for more information,

the following solutions are support page breaker during HTML to PDF conversion, you may download them from our website to try,

Solution 1: DocConverter COM (HTML2PDF.exe) + PDFcamp Printer

Solution 3: Document Converter (docPrint Pro)

Thank a lot for your response,

this is a full compression,

I other question :

witch is the max size of HTML file ?? to convert to pdf file ??

please, I wait for your help,

thanks a lot

best regards...

Our products haven't maximum number of HTML file size limited, please don't worry about this matter.


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