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Does your PDFStamp Command Line software support transparent background in image stamping? I have a PNG image file with transparent pixels, I insert QRCode (PNG image file), where points of code is black and background is transparent. So... in PDF I see black square.

Your program is not support PNG with transparent points?

Yes, our PDFStamp Command Line software does support 8bit transparent PNG image file, but it is not support 24bit transparent PNG image file yet.

However, we have upgraded a new version of PDFStamp Command Line software today, please download the new version from this URL,

after you download it, you can run following command lines to stamp a barcode image to PDF pages with transparent background easily,

pdfstamp.exe -PDF pdftest.pdf -O "_testout1.pdf" -AI "stamper1.jpg" -mlr100 -mtb100 -imgw200 -imgh200 -opacity80 -transparentcolor#FFFFFF

pdfstamp.exe -PDF pdftest.pdf -O "_testout2.pdf" -AI "stamper2.jpg" -mlr100 -mtb100 -imgw100 -imgh100 -opacity80 -transparentcolor#FFFFFF

pdfstamp.exe -PDF pdftest.pdf -O "_testout3.pdf" -AI "barcode.png" -mlr100 -mtb100 -imgw200 -imgh200 -opacity100 -transparentcolor#FFFFFF


Please notice, with "-transparentcolor#FFFFFF" option, your image file must contain a white background color, it can't be a transparent background, if your image file is contain a transparent background, please make it with a solid white background color first.


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