How to make a more clearer and transparent watermark with PDF Stamper Command Line software? the difference between opacity and transparent color and overlay and underlay options.


We have been using these licensed products now for quite some time. I recently tried to stamp a watermarked PNG and JPG onto a created PDF using PCLTOPDF (PCTOOL) and when printing the PDF, the image stamped onto the existing PDF prints entirely too dark. Not paying attention to the -Opacity option at all. Then I print via "-SHELL" it prints light like it supposed to, but then everything else does also (printed content).

Can you assist. I am including the image, the commands and resulting PDF.

C:\ADS\PROGRAMS\pdfstamp_cmd\pdfstamp.exe -REG "XXXXXXXXXXXXX" -PDF C:\ADS\PDF\QUOTE\147129.pdf -O C:\ADS\PDF\QUOTE\147129_QUOTENEW.PDF -AI "C:\ADS\IMAGES\70th_newer.jpg" -W50 -H50 -Opacity10 -P6

C:\ADS\PROGRAMS\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint -$ "XXXXXXXXXXXXX" -printer "NPIC33128 (HP Color LaserJet MFP M477fnw)" C:\ADS\PDF\Quote\147129_QUOTE.pdf -shell -silent

C:\ADS\PROGRAMS\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint -pdforient 1 -scalex 98 -scaley 98 -xoffset -85 -yoffset 50 -xres -1 -yres -1 -silent -$ "XXXXXXXXXXXXX" -printer "NPIC33128 (HP Color LaserJet MFP M477fnw)" C:\ADS\PDF\Quote\147129_QUOTE.pdf -color 1

Please run following command line to try again, the watermark will be more clear for you,

-PDF "D:\downloads\147129.pdf" -O "D:\downloads\147129-2.pdf"
-AI "D:\downloads\70th_newer.jpg" -W50 -H50 -P6
-L -transparentcolor#FFFFFF

Please look at a new stamped PDF file in the following screenshots,



Stamp watermark with opacity option,


Stamp watermark with transparent color option,



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