Use PDF Linearizer to do the PDF optimisation

When I process the trail version with the attached PDF file the XMP Metadata, Cross Ref. Links, Bookmark, tagged information are missing. Could you plz advise how to check this trial version? If I Check this without any problem I would like to purchase this product.
Please refer to attached PDF file, this PDF file was created by following command line,

pdftools.exe -i D:\temp3\main.pdf -o C:\out.pdf

we are using full version of pdftools.exe application, as you see, the Cross Ref. Links, Bookmark, etc. information are kept in this PDF file.

Thanks for your immediate response!

Attached Out.pdf file is not been Linearized could you please check and let me know?

And I have wrongly attached the PDF file. Could you please process the attached Input.pdf and let me know the points are carryout in this PDF file?
Please download the processed PDF file from following URL, everything is fine in this PDF file,


also, Advanced PDF Tools Command Line can't linearize PDF file correctly, you can download PDF Optimizer (PDF Linearizer) from following page to try, you can use PDF Linearizer to linearize PDF file easily,

Am sorry that I have not mentioned. I need to do PDF Linearizer. While doing this only I have faced this problem.

Sorry for the inconviences. Could you please do the PDF optimisation "Input.pdf" and send me the link?
Please download the new version from following URL, this PDF file has been optimized by PDF Linearizer, you can view this PDF file quickly from internet,


this PDF file was processed by following command line,

pdfopt.exe -mode 2 "C:\test.pdf" C:\out.pdf


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