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For the purpose of converting png to emf easily, you should take a suitable application to help you. The virtual printer VeryPDF Demo EMF Printer offered by the SDK Mini EMF Printer Driver is a such kind of application which is able to print any printable documents to EMF format image.

With Mini EMF Printer Driver, software developers can call the inside interfaces, functions or codes to realize different functions when developing their own applications with the SDK. Software developers can also call the command line application for developing software to realize the function of printing any printable documents to image formats.

You can click here to download Mini EMF Printer Driver. For using the virtual printer VeryPDF Demo EMF Printer, you need to install Mini EMF Printer Driver on your computer by following the installation prompt. You will see the virtual printer in the printer list. To find it, you can click “Start”—“Printers and Faxes”.

The name of VeryPDF Demo EMF Printer can be changed, too. You should right click it and click “Rename” option to input the new name in file name frame.

If you need the developer license of Mini EMF Printer Driver for your work, you can buy it at The advantage of buying the license is you never need to pay other user fees for the SDK in the future. You can use it freely without any limitations.

In the following contents, you will see how to print png to emf with the printer. Please read the following contents and you will see how easy the way is.

Please open the image with the application such as Photoshop, IrfanView, etc. Then please click “File”—“Print” or use the hot key “Ctrl”+ “P” to open the “Photo Printing Wizard” and click “Next” button. Then in current window, you should choose the images you need to print and click “Next” button. Please choose the printer as “VeryPDF Demo EMF Printer” in next window and then please choose output layout for the target file. You should click “Next” button to print png to emf. Please see the printing process in Figure 1.

print png to emf


Then you will see the target file come out displayed by the default image viewer on your computer. The target file is saved in C Local Disk by default. If you want to change the location, you need to do it yourself. Please open the path “C:\Program Files\VeryPDF Mini EMF Printer v2.0\emf_printer_driver\option.ini” and find the command “OutputFile=C:\” in the file. Just rewrite “C:\” as the new location you want to use and save the file.

These are all the operations about printing png to emf with VeryPDF Demo EMF Printer and if you have some other questions, you can leave a reply.

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