VeryPDF html converter conversion bug

Hi, I have a simple html page with 2 not animated gif's (saved from Photoshop), and they aren't converted in the PDF, there's only an empty place.
And there's also an text with a hyperlink, the space before the text with the hyperlink in the pdf is cutted away.
An other problem is that the page in the pdf is centered and not top aligned.

One question, is the conversion Internet Explorer depended or does it have an independent conversion engine?
Please download latest version of HTML Converter from our website to
try again, we hoping the latest version will work better for you,

please refer to attached PDF file, this PDF file was created by
following command line, this PDF file looks fine,

htmltools.exe D:\temp3\estimate_it.html D:\temp3\estimate_it.pdf

Thank you for your fast reply, the file you converted is correct , but  I was using VeryPDF HTML Converter v2.0 (GUI Version) to make the tests.

We really need to do the conversion by command line, does it mean we have to buy VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line Version v2.1 for 399 US$ ?

thank you
Yes, you can use "VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line Version v2.1 for 399 US$" to convert this HTML file to PDF file, HTML Converter Command Line is work better than GUI version, you can always use HTML Converter Command Line to instead of GUI version without any problem.


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