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Hello Customer Support!

I am developing a website where I would like to password protect (encrypt) a basic PDF file with passwords specifically assigned to each person that the PDF file is being supplied to.  The steps are that:
* Browser script validates that the requester is entitled to receive the encrypted PDF file.
* Browser sends message to Server through AJAX.
* Server creates a copy of the file using a php copy() function call to a unique filename.
* Server encrypts the newly created filename with a requestor specific password.
* Server send a header and file data to the browser to send to requestor.

Your site tells me that you anticipate using the Command Line version inside a PHP program.  Are there PHP callable routines to accomplish this or must there be a runtime image on the server. I have not found any further documentation or hints on your website.

Can you tell me if there is any way to accomplish my goals with your product?

Thank you!
Thanks for your message, yes, our Encrypt PDF Command Line can be called from PHP code to encrypt your PDF files, you can download the trial version of Encrypt PDF Command Line from following URL,

you can use following sample PHP source code to call encryptpdf.exe application,

...script before...
exec("C:\test\EncryptPDF.exe -i c:\sample.pdf -o C:\out.pdf -w owner -u user -e 40 -p");
...script after

Thank you for your quick response.  From what you sent as a code snippit assumes that your code is running Windows and that the pdf is on the machine with the code (probably where the browser is located).  In my case the browser can be cross platform and the pdf and any routines that modify the pdf need to be on the SERVER running under CGI.
Thanks for your message, our Encrypt PDF Command Line is a Windows application, it doesn't support Linux system at the moment, however, we are planning release a Linux version of Encrypt PDF Command Line application in the future.


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